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By Gregor Kemper

ISBN-10: 3642035442

ISBN-13: 9783642035449

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ISBN-13: 9783642035456

This textbook bargains a radical, sleek creation into commutative algebra. it really is intented commonly to function a consultant for a process one or semesters, or for self-study. The rigorously chosen material concentrates at the strategies and effects on the middle of the sector. The e-book keeps a relentless view at the ordinary geometric context, allowing the reader to achieve a deeper realizing of the cloth. even though it emphasizes conception, 3 chapters are dedicated to computational elements. Many illustrative examples and workouts enhance the text.

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Therefore x1 · · · xk ∈ J. This shows that I ⊆ J. The converse statement is clear (and does not require finite generation of I). 8, which we start proving now, gives a comparison between the Noether property and the Artin property for rings. 2. 8 will not be used before Chapter 7. 7. Let R be a ring and m1 , . . , mn ∈ Specmax (R) maximal ideals (which are not assumed to be distinct) such that the ideal product m1 · · · mn is zero. Then R is Artinian if and only if it is Noetherian. Moreover, Spec(R) = {m1 , .

Then √ IR VSpec(R) (I) = I. (e) We have a pair of inverse bijections between the set of radical ideals of R and the set of closed subsets of Spec(R), given by VSpec(R) and IR . Both bijections are inclusion-reversing. Proof. (a) If P ∈ VSpec(R) (S), then S ⊆ P , so also (S)R ⊆ P and (S)R ∩ (T )R ⊆ P . The same follows if P ∈ VSpec(R) (T ), so in both cases P ∈ (b) (c) (d) (e) VSpec(R) (S)R ∩ (T )R . Conversely, let P ∈ VSpec(R) (S)R ∩ (T )R and assume S ⊆ P . So there exists f ∈ S \ P . Let g ∈ T .

17) hold for I? 8 (Colon ideals). If I and J ⊆ R are ideals in a ring, the colon ideal is defined as I : J := {a ∈ R | a · b ∈ I for all b ∈ J} . In this exercise we give a geometric interpretation of the colon ideal. (a) Set M := {P ∈ Spec(R) | I ⊆ P and J ⊆ P } and show that √ I :J = P. P ∈M (b) Let K be a field and X, Y ⊆ K n such that Y is an affine variety. Show that I(X) : I(Y ) = I (X \ Y ) . 9 (A generalization of Hilbert’s Nullstellensatz). Let K be a field and K its algebraic closure. Let I ⊆ K[x1 , .

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