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By Robbert et al

ISBN-10: 0833029355

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17RPI 6 identifies commanders, operations (ops) officers, and pilots in staff positions. 18 For these calculations, we consider RPI 6 positions, except commander and ops officer, to be experienced and BMC. Commander and ops officer are considered experienced and CMR. RPI 1 pilots are considered CMR and are distributed using assumed rates between experienced and inexperienced categories. 19RAP specifies the number of sorties by type that each aircrew member must fly in a training cycle. Additionally, it specifies a number of sorties that can be of any type, depending on the commander’s judgment of where the individual or unit needs training emphasis.

DIndicates whether the ceiling of the area is high enough to meet requirements. 7 shows the number of fighter sorties that must be flown on routes with deficient characteristics. The only route characteristics on which we did not note deficiencies were segment below 300 feet (available on all routes), access to special use airspace (SUA) (available on all routes), and communications jamming (not required for any sortie type); accordingly, these characteristics were excluded from the table. The table reveals that over half the routes lack required width and almost a third lack required length.

5, as the product of total requirements for a given base/MDS/sortie-type combination multiplied by the time required on asset for that MDS/sortie-type combination. Data Limitations. Lack of available empirical data and other related problems required us to estimate many of the factors used to compute capacity requirements. A discussion of these limitations is provided in Appendix E. 2 Infrastructure Demand: F-16CGs at Hill AFB Time per Average Sortie Total Sortie Flight Type Sorties (minutes) Size BFM 752 40 1 BSA 1,128 40 2 CAS 357 50 2 DCA 1,203 35 4 SAT 1,474 35 4 SEAD-C 184 30 4 NOTE: SEAD = suppression of enemy air defenses.

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