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By Konrad Heiden

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The State rests upon power, not upon treaties; the country is not a confederacy but an articulated unity; Germans do not live together but are ruled. The Reich was to move forward openly on the steel rails of national unity and not to be hindered in its progress by an opposition concealed beneath the sheepskin coat of a Bavarian cattle-herd. All other demands made in the programme have been more or less dissipated by the growth of the Party. The Party itself remained, and it was within the Party that the Nazis made their first essays in the art of government.

We demand freedom for all religious creeds in the State, in so far as they do not endanger its existence or offend against the moral or ethical sense of the Germanic race. “The Party as such represents the standpoint of positive Christianity without binding itself to any one particular confession. It opposes the Jewish materialist spirit within and without, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of the nation can only be achieved from within on the principle, THE GOOD OF THE STATE BEFORE THE GOOD OF THE INDIVIDUAL “25.

Hitler therefore openly reproached him for want of courage, and Körner wrote furiously in the paper that he declined to permit any one to stamp him as a socialistic proletarian because he did not chance to look as if he had come out of a band-box. Körner was one of the lesser and unknown members of the Party, but its whole spirit spoke through him—the hatred alike of the propertied middle class and of the proletariat. The quarrel was of necessity made up again. The National Downloaded by [INFLIBNET Centre] at 08:49 29 August 2012 24 A History of National Socialism Socialist German Workers Party was not yet strong enough to take up the fight against its opponents directly.

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