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Download A Short Course in Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D by Dennis P. Curtin PDF

By Dennis P. Curtin

ISBN-10: 1928873847

ISBN-13: 9781928873846

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You can specify exposure compensation in one-half stop increments with Custom Function 01 (page 148). An exposure level indicator shows you how much you are under (-) or over (+) the recommended exposure. If the indicator flashes at the -2 or +2 ends of the scale it means you are off by more than two stops. Most digital cameras, including the XSi, provide one or more ways to override the automatic exposure system to get the exposure you want. Exposure Compensation Exposure compensation lets you lighten or darken the photograph that the camera would produce if autoexposure were used.

Com/itext/exposure/ Click here to explore how changes in the exposure make pictures lighter or darker. photography. When a scene has both very light and very dark areas, getting the perfect exposure is a lot like parking a large car in a small garage—there isn’t a great deal of room for error. The goal is to hold details in both the darkest and lightest areas so pure white is used only for spectral highlights such as reflections and pure black is used only for small areas of the scene that are black with no details.

Controlling Exposure How Overriding Autoexposure Works When a scene is lighter or darker than middle gray you need to change the exposure to capture it the way it looks in real life, or it will be too light or dark. To lighten or darken an image many cameras let you increase or decrease exposure by two stops or more. Here are some typical situations where you’d make these changes: This lighthouse in the fog on Cape Cod would have looked too dark if exposure compensation hadn’t been used to lighten it.

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A Short Course in Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D Photography by Dennis P. Curtin

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