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Download A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia by Gilles Deleuze, Brian Massumi, Félix Guattari PDF

By Gilles Deleuze, Brian Massumi, Félix Guattari

ISBN-10: 0816614024

ISBN-13: 9780816614028

One thousand Plateaus keeps the paintings Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari begun in Anti-Oedipus and has now turn into demonstrated as one of many vintage reports of the advance of severe concept within the past due 20th century. It occupies an enormous position on the middle of the talk reassessing the works of Freud and Marx, advancing an method that's neither Freudian nor Marxist yet which learns from either to discover a completely new and radical direction. It offers an try and pioneer various social and mental analyses freed from the philosophical encumbrances criticized via postmodern writers. 1000 Plateaus is a necessary textual content for feminists, literary theorists, social scientists, philosophers, and others attracted to the issues of latest Western culture.

"Full of significant insights, this sequence of short, doubtless random essays on sizzling themes- warfare and dying, territoriality and the anthropology of teams, version conception, and psychosis-provides a lot fabric for suggestion. a good creation and outstanding translation of this such a lot tricky book." —Sander L. Gilman, college of Chicago

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The orchid deterritorializes by forming an image, a tracing of a wasp; but the wasp reterritorializes on that image. The wasp is nevertheless deterritorialized, becoming a piece in the orchid's reproductive apparatus. But it reterritorializes the orchid by transporting its pollen. Wasp and orchid, as heterogeneous elements, form a rhizome. ). But this is true only on the level of the strata—a parallelism between two strata such that a plant organization on one imitates an animal organization on the other.

The muskrat). " Unlike psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic competence (which confines every desire and statement to a genetic axis or overcoding structure, and makes infinite, monotonous tracings of the stages on that axis or the constituents of that structure), schizoanalysis rejects any idea of pretraced destiny, whatever name is given to it—divine, anagogic, historical, economic, structural, hereditary, or syntagmatic. )9 Drives and part-objects are neither stages on a genetic axis nor positions in a deep structure; they are political options for problems, they are entryways and exits, impasses the child lives out politically, in other words, with all the force of his or her desire.

Let us try to define the factors involved: first, something plays the role of the full body—the body without organs. In the preceding dream it was the desert. In the Wolf-Man's dream it is the denuded tree upon which the wolves are perched. It is also the skin as envelope or ring, and the sock as reversible surface. It can be a house or part of a house, any number of things, anything. Whenever someone makes love, really makes love, that person constitutes a body without organs, alone and with the other person or people.

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