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By Andreas Marneros, Frank Pillmann

ISBN-10: 0511215789

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Acute psychotic problems with a quick period and a usually sturdy analysis have lengthy intrigued psychiatrists. even supposing they're incorporated in the world over approved diagnostic structures, our realizing of those problems is still at a minimum point. This publication is the 1st complete evaluate in their medical positive aspects, biology, path and long term results. The authors additionally tackle their nosological prestige and impression on our realizing of the continuum of psychotic and affective issues.

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1989a,b, 1990a, b, 1991b). From a clinical point of view, schizoaffective disorders are, in spite of some overlaps, not identical to ICD-10 ATPD or DSM-IV ‘Brief Psychosis’. The mandatory presence of a full affective syndrome is the most important defining element that separates schizoaffective disorders from Brief and Acute Psychoses. But they are also not identical to ‘cycloid’, ‘reactive’, ‘atypical’ psychoses or ‘bouff´ee d´elirante’ (Leonhard, 1983; Perris, 1986; Pichot, 1986a; Str¨omgren, 1986; Perris and Eisemann, 1989).

Translated by Str¨omgren 1986) The concept of ‘reactive’ or ‘psychogenic psychoses’ developed by Wimmer is based on Jaspers’ ‘General Psychopathology’, in which he wrote in 1913: Let us once more summarise the factors common to all genuine reactions: There is a precipitating factor, which stands in a close time relationship with the reactive state and has to be one which we can accept as adequate. There is a meaningful connection between the contents of the experience and those of the abnormal reaction.

2000) that many Acute Brief Psychoses may have more than one, and even more than 2 months’ duration is well worth considering. At the present state, however, it would be very problematic to define Acute Brief Psychoses in a way that leads to overlap with ICD-10 or DSM-IV schizophrenia. In this case, a substantial number of patients up to now diagnosed with schizophrenia in ICD and DSM would have to be re-classified, and a comparison with earlier studies no longer would be possible. To avoid this, ICD-10 and DSM-IV have set the time criteria for ATPD and BP in a way that prevents an overlap with schizophrenia.

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