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Download Addiction Treatment Homework Planner,4th Edition by James R. Finley, Brenda S. Lenz PDF

By James R. Finley, Brenda S. Lenz

ISBN-10: 0470402741

ISBN-13: 9780470402740

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Sometimes other people can help us calm down, but we need to have skills in doing this for ourselves in case those people aren’t available. 5. What worked best for you? For items that were not useful, briefly describe what you believe kept them from working for you. 6. Ask some people you trust what they do to calm themselves. Practice their methods yourself and write the results here. 7. Write the specific steps you will incorporate into a self-soothing ritual. Which tactics will you use first, second, third .

Be sure to bring this handout back to your next session with your therapist, and be prepared to talk about your thoughts and feelings about the exercise. ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR 17 Therapist’s Overview TAKING DAILY INVENTORY GOALS OF THE EXERCISE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Develop a program of recovery that is free of addiction and antisocial behavior. Take responsibility for one’s own behavior. Identify patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that pose a threat to sobriety and develop a plan of action for improvement.

3. , expecting someone who is usually late to show up on time, expecting people to be polite in rushhour traffic, expecting that police officer not to pull us over even though we were speeding). If experience told you that what you expected was unlikely, what would have been a more reasonable expectation? 4. As you may be seeing, our expectations are often just plain mistakes in our thinking. If we learn not to make that kind of mistake, we won’t be unpleasantly surprised. Acceptance is more comfortable than resentment.

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Addiction Treatment Homework Planner,4th Edition by James R. Finley, Brenda S. Lenz

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