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By Gloria La Cava, Raffaella Nanetti

ISBN-10: 0821346679

ISBN-13: 9780821346679

In the course of Albania's transition from a centralized economic climate to 1 anchored in a physique of Western legislation, deep social unrest, frequent poverty, out of control migration, and the reemergence of clan-based loyalties have ended in a rise within the such a lot weak inhabitants teams. those teams usually tend to be marginalized by way of the industrial cycle, therefore making it more challenging to make sure asuccessful transition. One objective of the research is to spot key rising social matters and difficulties in Albania and make sure their factors. besides the fact that, the most objective of this record is to suggest a brief- to medium-term motion technique to advisor and fasten social coverage and information projects precise to the susceptible teams in components the place they're so much various, via a bottom-up strategy.

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The wide reach of public policy outputs in the form of public goods also tends to reduce social exclusion and provide the appropriate responses to those at risk from the transition. The key elements of the strategy identified in this study are: Regional targeting. The deep differences in values and sensibilities across communities in Albania, as well as the different degrees of vulnerability, mandate that different programs and projects be formulated according to these differences. Targeting of vulnerable groups.

Policy goals either do not exist or are highly contradictory, and therefore mutually undermining. The level of institutional stability is low, either because traditional institutions resist adapting to new conditions or because new ones tend not to respond to Government coordination efforts. Internal human resources go unrecognized and unrewarded, while external assistance is sought regardless of its validity or impact. Ultimately, in a transition state, programs cannot be well defined and their outcomes cannot be predicted.

Europe and Central Asia environmentally and socially sustainable development series. 2 Strategic Direction for Change in Albania 46 List of Tables Table 1 Geographic and Socio-Economic Context of Cities and Rural Communities in Albania 49 Table 2 Matrix of the Heaviest Geographical Incidence of Vulnerable Groups in Albania 50 Annexes Annex 1 Methodological Considerations 61 Annex 2 Institutional Recommendations 69 Annex 3 "Kinship, Family, and Regional Differentiation in Albania 73 List of Acronyms and Abbreviations VG Vulnerability Gap VGs Vulnerable Groups of Persons EU European Union INSTAT National Statistical Institute MOLSAW Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Women NES National Employment Service (subdivision of MOLSAW) GASS General Administration for Social Services (subdivision of MOLSAW) NE Ndime Ekonomica (national cash assistance program) ISI Institute of Social Insurance Page v Abstract This report describes the increasing social fragmentation in Albania since the fall of communism and offers a series of proposals to stabilize the situation and help the country rebuild its social capital.

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