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By Mark Frost

ISBN-10: 0375980024

ISBN-13: 9780375980022

Readers of I Am quantity 4, The Maze Runner, and Legend will love this subtle experience sequence via the cocreator of the groundbreaking tv exhibit Twin Peaks, with its distinctive mix of poser, heart-pounding motion, and the supernatural.

After exposing the sinister underground society of scholars often called the Knights of Charlemagne, Will West remains on the middle over the summer season to discover his newly constructing actual and psychological talents. in the meantime, his roommates examine the Knights' shadowy objective and notice unsettling information regarding their very own backgrounds. Will and his buddies needs to fast work out what's occurring and separate good friend from foe as they organize for the arriving struggle.

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Example text

The lkmple will be aware of the impending assault one turn before the cult members are ready to attack. The cult members will surround the temple and use any means of assault available. Fighters will charge the doorways of the temple and the dormitory, while the spellcasters will remain at a distance just within spellcasting range. The DM should refer to Chapter 7 to determine the outcome of the battle. The Falcon’s force is large and powerful, and they will prove to be a formidable enemy.

By dropping the stone cover over the hole after casting the spell, she prevented flames from shooting back into her chamber. If the PCs attempt to enter this hole, they will be forced to crawl on their stomachs and will risk a 50% chance of getting stuck for each round that they attemptsto traverse the tunnel. The DM should adjust this percentage for the sizes of PCs larger or smaller than an average human. The tunnel, with all its twists and turns, is roughly 100 yards long and opens onto the hillside far to the north of the main entrance and high up the mountain (see description earlier in this chapter).

When the call to stations is given, each attacking cult member will head for his or her designated point of entry into the temple grounds. At the signal, all cult members will storm the temple and begin the attack. Divide, then Conquer The Falcon will approach the R m ple from the Garden Gate, followed by one-quarter of her followers. This will ensure easy passage through the gate. The Falcon’s three leaders will each lead a portion of the remain- 45 ing members from the following positions: Mara Zonin will lead her troops from the sewer entrance that opens onto Garden Road; Zembak Narsa will lead a patrol from the Cargo Gate after immobilizing the gate’s guards; and Embar Dessid’s unit will approach from a secret tunnel entrance (dug especially for this purpose) that opens onto the grassy bluff to the northwest of the Temple.

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