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By Richard David Precht

«¿Cómo escribir un libro sobre el amor? ¿Sobre algo tan privado, velado, maravillosamente ilusorio como el amor? De este libro no aprenderá usted nada que mejore sus habilidades en el dormitorio. Tampoco le ayudará en caso de ataques de celos, penas de amor y pérdida de confianza. Y no contiene sugerencias y apenas buenos consejos para los angeles convivencia diaria en pareja. Aunque quizá pueda contribuir a que usted se vuelva más consciente de unas cuantas cosas que antes le resultaban poco claras; a que tenga ganas de sondear con mayor exactitud este reino loco en el que (casi) todos queremos vivir. Y posiblemente piense usted conmigo un poco en las reacciones que ha consolidado como normales y supuestas. Quizá tenga ganas de proceder con usted mismo en el futuro un poco más inteligentemente; aunque, naturalmente, sólo si y cuando usted quiera.»

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E. e. 76 Now someone may ask what we mean when saying that desire and spirit are contradistinguished. 77 And tell me further, , does not also reason desire the objects of learning and theoretical study? My response to this is that the word desire is used both in a general and in a specific sense. For just as the word ‘disposition’78 is used generally and with regard to the state , but also used more specifically as contradistinguished from this state, likewise the word desire is used both generally for all faculties of the soul, but it is also used more specifically as contradistinguished from spirit.

The non-rational faculties of the soul> As for the non-rational faculties of the soul, some are cognitive, others are concerned with life and appetite; and the cognitive ones are imagination69 and sense perception. They differ from each other in that sense perception extends to what is external, whereas imagina- 10 15 20 25 30 35 20 6,1 5 10 15 20 25 Translation tion has its knowledge from within. 72 It is called imagination because it is as if it is a bringing to a halt of light:73 for imagination is the standstill of things that have been brought to light: for it brings the external appearances to a halt within itself.

All activities of these, therefore, are present in a body and are concerned with a body; for the faculties of nutrition and of growing and of generation are present in a body and are activated through a body and are concerned with bodies. 179 They are present in a body, then, and take place through a body, but they are also concerned with a body: for desire is either an appetite for foods or money or simply corporeal things, and spirit is an appetite for retaliation against the one who has done us harm in any of these things.

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