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By Luca Fanucci; et al

ISBN-10: 1402025378

ISBN-13: 9781402025372

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Spectrum of the Nyquist’s SRRC pulse. In the case of Spread Spectrum (SS) systems the bandwidth occupancy of the transmitted signal is intentionally augmented well beyond the value required for conventional narrowband transmissions, and this can be essentially accomplished in two ways. The first one, at least from an historical perspective, dates back to 1941 and was conceived for providing secure military communications during WWII. The basic idea underlying this early spread spectrum concept consists in partitioning the overall spectrum into K separate channels or bands (also referred to as frequency bins), all having the same bandwidth as the signal to be transmitted.

97) i 2 By retaining the assumption of a Gaussian distribution of the MAI, which holds true in the case of large spreading factors and large number of users, the BER is now P e § ¨ 1 2 Eb Q ¨¨ ˜ N 2 Eb N0 1  ¦ Rc2 i c 1 ¨ N0 ¨ i 2 © · ¸ ¸. 98) From the expression above we can conclude that in order to limit the detrimental effect of MAI on BER performance the spreading sequences must be chosen so as to exhibit the lowest possible cross-correlation level. 92) previously derived for the white Gaussian MAI model.

In the case of perfect chip clock recovery, the sampling instants are tm mTc and the resulting chip rate digital signal is y m y tm A˜ f ¦ d^ ` k k f M ˜ c k ˜ g Nyq ª¬ m  k Tc º¼  nm . 51)) f V 2nI 2 ³ PwI f GR f df f f N0 ³ G f R f 2 df N0 . 59) The receiver generates a replica of the spreading sequence used by the transmitter (the co called replica code), and executes the product between the chip rate samples y m and the chips of such local code replica to ‘remove’ the code from the received signal.

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