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Download Ancient Iraq: Third Edition (Penguin History) by Georges Roux PDF

By Georges Roux

ISBN-10: 014012523X

ISBN-13: 9780140125238

The e-book presents an advent to the heritage of old Mesopotamia and its civilizations, incorporating archaeological and historic reveals as much as 1992.

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Shipwreck archaeology, as part of maritime archaeology, was traditionally the domain of maritime historians and classical archaeologists who have very different perspectives on the types of data they wish to collect from the material remains of archaeological sites (Lenihan 1983: 38). The early development of underwater and maritime archaeology was limited by diving equipment and techniques and a poor development of theoretical approaches (for further reading see Babits & Van Tilburg 1998; Barstad 2002; Broadwater 2002; Muckelroy 1978, 1980; Watson 1983, among others).

From a functional perspective, Muckelroy (1978) underlined the idea that maritime archaeology is not just concerned with technical matters but with all characteristics of maritime culture where social aspects play a key role. He stated that archaeology, and its sub-discipline maritime archaeology, can be described by considering the problems towards which research is currently directed, the specific questions being raised, and the ways in which workers are seeking to answer them (Muckelroy 1978, 1998: 25).

1. ) but above all it is about the social dimensions of mutuality and materiality developed through time-space (Chapter 4). For example, it has been mentioned that one of the latest achievements of maritime archaeology has been to demonstrate that the context of coastal and island sites are maritime as well as terrestrial, analysing them from a seaward perspective (Hunter 1994). Leone (1983) explores the Patuxent River on Chesapeake Bay and the relationship between land use, river conditions, towns and boat life as part of the impact that the capitalistic economic system has both at local and global levels.

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Ancient Iraq: Third Edition (Penguin History) by Georges Roux

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