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By Kurt Niedenzu

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7J_, C13 (1974) . M. Ishikawa, A. Nakamura and M. Kumada, J. ORGANOMETAL. , 51, Cll (1973). 50 ANNUAL REPORTS IN INORGANIC AND GENERAL SYNTHESES 1974 48a. C. Eaborn, R. A. Jackson, D. J. Tune and D. R. M. Walton, J. ORGANOMETAL. , 6_3, 85 (1973). 49. M. Lequan and Y. Besace, J. ORGANOMETAL. , ^ 1 , C23 (1973). 50. W. G. Boberski and A. L. Allred, J. AMER. CHEM. S O C , 9^, 1244 (1974). 51. F. Feher and R. Freund, INORG. NUCL. CHEM. , IjO, 569 (1974). 52. E. Hengge and D. Wolfer, J. ORGANOMETAL.

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TUCK K [Al2Me (SCN)] > [Me 2 AlNCMe 2 ] 2 suggests the possibility of a "head-to-tail" bridged reaction intermediate (75) . T. T. N-bonded thiocyanate has also been observed in the complex [Me2 Ti nMe 3 Al(NCS) ] (76); with the K+ counterion, thiocyanate is S-bonded (77) . The [Μβ2Τ1][AlMeß(NCS)] salt has been prepared from T1SCN and AlMe 3 . 3T1SCN + 3AlMen ■ [Me2Tl][AlMe3NCS] + 2T1 + 2Me2AlSCN The coordination sphere about the Tl atom consists of the two methyl groups and four sulphur atoms in an essentially octahedral array.

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