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By Gedaliahu A. G. Stroumsa

ISBN-10: 9004074198

ISBN-13: 9789004074194

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Summability through Functional Analysis

Summability is an exceptionally fruitful sector for the appliance of practical research; this quantity will be used as a resource for such purposes. these components of summability which in basic terms have "hard" (classical) proofs are passed over; the theorems given all have "soft" (functional analytic) proofs.

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111, 61:16-23; 62:21-24; 64:3-4). For a reference to the rebellion of the angels, see also Treat. Seth 33:20-,33. See also Fragments o/' 34 FROM ORIGIN OF EVIL TO ORIGIN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS At various stages of this inquiry, it will become clear that the Gnostics' myths did not emerge only from their meditation upon the Greek text of Genesis; the Gnostic texts, indeed, reflect knowledge of various detailed interpretations of these themes in Jewish exegesis, whether the apocryphal writings or some other early traditions that were later recorded in rabbinic literature.

3) And finally, they begat the giants, through whom "the whole earth has ... " Chapter 10 relates their punishment. " Raphael was sent to bind 'Asa'el, while Michael was ordered to bind Semihazah and his associates (1 Enoch 10:4, 11). Later in the text, Enoch saw in a dream, "a place chaotic and horrible. And there . seven stars of the heaven bound together in it" (21:3-4). 16 The same themes are reflected in other parts of the Enochic corpus, as well as in other apocryphal texts. The identification of the stars with the Fallen Angels, for instance, is stated explicitly in I Enoch 88:1 -3, when one of the four archangels .

The frightening possibility that Noah might not be his child. " We shall come back to Batenosh, Noah's mother, later. 25The Grigori obviously are the egregoroi ((irin): Watchers. This source, called A by Charles, is presented by A. Vaillant as "additions du reviseur"; see his edition and translation, Le livre c/es secrets el'Hnnoch (Textes public's par l'Institut d'Etudes Slaves 4; Paris, 1952), 94-95. 26"Le mythe de la chute des tinges et de l'origine des geants comme explication du mal dans le monde dans l'apocalyptique juive; Histoire des Traditions," RHR 190 (1976), 48.

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