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By Rusi Jaspal

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Antisemitism and anti-Zionism are advanced, delineable, but inter-related social-psychological phenomena. whereas antisemitism has been defined as an irrational, age-old prejudice, anti-Zionism is frequently represented as a valid reaction to a 'rogue state'. Drawing upon media and visible assets and wealthy interview info from Iran, Britain and Israel, Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism: illustration, Cognition and daily speak examines the ideas of antisemitism and anti-Zionism, tracing their evolution and inter-relations, and contemplating the detailed ways that they're manifested, and replied to, by means of Muslim and Jewish groups in Iran, Britain and Israel.Providing insights from social psychology, sociology and historical past, this interdisciplinary research sheds mild at the pivotal position of the media, social representations and identification approaches in shaping antisemitism and anti-Zionism. As such, this provocative publication may be of curiosity to social scientists engaged on antisemitism, race and ethnicity, political sociology and political technology, media reports and heart japanese politics.

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In a video recording posted on a Hamas website, Sharif stated that “Muslims are being killed everyday. It is an honour to kill one of those people [Jews]”. Such comments were also reiterated by the young French Algerian individual who targeted a Jewish day school in Toulouse. It is important to consider the sources of information among British Pakistani Muslims in order to understand their perceptions of Israel and Jews. As observed in Chapter 2, Islamic Holy Scripture does appear to contain some anti-Jewish segments, which can easily be re-construed and applied to the contemporary context, thereby providing further credibility to and justification for antisemitism.

The Middle Ages The blood libel was one such antisemitic representation which gained considerable traction throughout Western Christian civilisation (Dundes, 1991; Laqueur, 2006). In the Middle Ages, Christians began systematically to accuse Jews of the ritual murder of Christian children and cannibalism. This constituted a re-construal of the accusation of cannibalism which had been present in antiquity. This popular belief was made possible by the existing representation in early Christendom of Jews as an immoral and bloodthirsty group of individuals who were collectively responsible for the spilling of Christ’s blood.

Many commentators on the “new antisemitism” have remarked that its rise can be attributed largely to Muslim opposition to the State of Israel, which has resulted in antisemitic acts. For instance, in 2004, 21-year old Asif Hanif from London, UK and 27 year-old Omar Khan Sharif from Derby, UK travelled to Israel to perpetrate suicide bombings in Tel Aviv – Hanif blew himself and three Israelis up and injured 55 others, and Sharif fled the scene after his bomb failed to detonate but was later found dead.

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