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Model phytoplankton on a section in the Arkona Sea for April 17. 1995. m. 5 mg/m 3 ) and the increasing values in autumn (between 3 and 4 mg/m 3 ) compare well with the simulation results. 95 5 M Kiel - Helsinki 22-24 April 1995 10 E 4 - 3 c;) 2 _s5 1 () ........ 0 0~-------+------~r------- 11 Figure 8. Model phytoplankton on a section in the Arkona Sea for April24, 1995. s:;:: 14 5-,---------------------------------. 8 ArkonaSea E: Cl 13 Longitude E Figure 10. Chlorophyll concentrations along a part of the Algaline section recorded between April 22-24, 1995.

Toompuu, A. & J. Elken (eds), 1995. Hydrographic studies within the Gulf of Riga Project, 1993~ 1994. EM! Report Series, 1. '' Hydrobiologia 393: 19-24, 1999. M. Blomqvist, E. Bonsdorff & K. Essink (eds ), Biological, Physical and Geochemical Features of Enclosed and Semi-enclosed Marine Systems. © 1999 Kluwer Academic Publishers. 19 Modelling of dispersion processes in a tide-forced flow G. Buffoni 1·*, A. Griffa2 & E. P. OF), Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche (CNR), ForteS. UN), Corso Umberto 1174, 80138 Napoli, Italy Fax +39-81-207106 (*author for correspondence) Key words: passive tracer, advection-diffusion, tidal flows, residence times Abstract Dispersion processes in semi-enclosed basins where the flow is mainly forced by the tidal motion are studied by means of an advection-diffusion model.

A further model simulation for 1995 with constant nutrient input at the mouth of the river Odra (in the S of the Pomeranian Bight; see Figure 1) was performed to investigate the effect, distribution and transport of riverine matter. 46 kg N/s according to an annual input of 45 000 t N/year (Lampe, 1996). Seasonal course ofphytoplankton dynamics Simulated times series at station 113 (Arkona Sea) for spring, summer and autumn of 1995 are shown in Figure 2. The results are in mg chlorophyll/m3 , assuming a constant Redfield ratio and a chlorophyll to carbon ratio of 50.

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