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By Roy S. Dickens (Auth.)

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Categories of material type and diagnostic ceramics were recorded in terms of presence or absence. 2), the processing of auger samples was carried on simultaneously with the field testing so that preliminary results could help direct the next stage of research. T h e e x a m i n a tion of the occurrence of material categories within and a m o n g auger borings aided in identifying locations for excavation. 4. Plan of project area with locations of auger stations and excavation trenches. ) 1 ζ ο 3 Μ S ο Ο Η M CO ο cd C d NI < > CO TV Ζ Ο Ο 2 H H Va 50 va ο H M Ο H CO C J Cd Cd H CO hJ Cd PQ Cd CO M CO CO Ci] < J Ο Qd H REFINE CATEGORIES cd > M CO CO •Η CO D M O H M Oi W fti << W Ο > H •* Ο V< H M _ 3 W W D H < U H M Ζ CO Cd :=> ο* M H CJ Cd •5 H < S* 5 < H M d <3 < CH H V<ο <: < ο Q CO CO Cd M C* Cd S Cd Cd CO H «!

New York: Oxford Univ. Press. Brown, James 1975 Deep-site excavation strategy as a sampling problem. In Sampling in archeology, edited by James Mueller. Tucson: Univ. of Arizona Press. Pp. 155-169. Cook, Edward M. 1976 The fathers of the town. : Johns Hopkins Univ. Press. Cushing, Samuel, and Henry Walling 1857 Map of Providence. I. Deagan, Kathleen, John Bostwick, and Dale Benton 1976 A sub-surface survey of the St. Augustine city environs. Paper submitted to St. Augustine Restoration Foundation, St.

Historical Archaeology 1 4 : 1 40. Millon, R. 1976 Social relations in ancient Teotihuacan. In The valley of Mexico: Studies in prehistoric ecology and society, edited by E . Wolf. Albuquerque: Univ. of New Mexico Press. Pp. 205-248. 1. Method in Urban Archaeology 17 Mumford, L. 1938 The culture of cities. New York: Harcourt Brace. Paynter, R. 1980 Long distance processes, stratification and settlement pattern: An archaeological perspective. D. dissertation, Department of Anthropology, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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