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By Robert Turner (trans.)

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The artisans looked for natural variations in color and texture to achieve the desired effects, since no paint or pigment was used. S OCIAL AND H I S TO R I C A L C O N T E X T Duke Federico was truly a “Renaissance individual”in the sense in which we use the term today. He was a brilliant military leader and an intellectual who successfully combined the values of the active and contemplative life. As a condottiere, or mercenary general, he fought for all of the major powers on the Italian peninsula: Milan, Florence, Naples, Venice, and the Papal States.

221) A D D I T I O NA L I N F O R M AT I O N Lucas Cranach could be considered a Renaissance man of the north; he lived in Vienna and was a member of humanist intellectual circles there. In 1504, the Elector of Saxony, Frederick III, called him to Wittenberg, where he became court painter and a close friend of Martin Luther. In his latter years, he established a large workshop that produced many portraits and Protestant paintings. Eventually he became involved in the events of the Reformation and accompanied the last Saxon elector into exile in 1550.

The surface is smooth, and no visible brushwork disrupts the brilliant illusion of this dream. Note the cool, classical idealizing of the female nudes, showing their sensual outlines from a variety of viewpoints. In contrast is the highly detailed rendering of armor on the two men. The foliage behind is beautifully delineated, each leaf appearing to be illuminated with light so as to suggest the heightened reality of a dreamlike state. 53 S LIDE 18 THE JUDGMENT OF PARIS, CA. 1528 LUCAS CRANACHTHE ELDER German, 1472–1553 Tempera and oil on wood; 40 1/8 x 28 in.

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