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By Ruth Bjorklund

ISBN-10: 0761439846

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ISBN-10: 0761446168

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This hugely readable and very priceless sequence presents younger readers with all they should learn about quite a few health conditions.

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He discovered a way to mix salicylate with other chemicals to create the painkiller aspirin. Bayer went on to manufacture and sell aspirin around the world. At the same time, doctors who treated their malaria patients with quinine derived from Peruvian bark discovered it could also be used to reduce inflammation in arthritis patients. The first person to describe how the immune system attacks the body’s own healthy joints and tissues was an Australian doctor named Sir MacFarlane Burnet. In 1941, Burnet announced that rheumatoid arthritis is its own disease, apart from osteoarthritis.

In 1941, Burnet announced that rheumatoid arthritis is its own disease, apart from osteoarthritis. In 1948, doctors from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota injected newly discovered steroid hormones into patients with rheumatoid arthritis. This gave patients a great deal of pain relief. Everyone called it a miracle cure—but it did not prove to be a real cure. Now we know that steroid drugs such as prednisone have many unwanted side effects, such as weight 34 The History of Arthritis gain, sleeplessness, and eye problems.

Adults with advanced arthritis, however, often benefit from joint surgery or joint replacement. An orthopedic surgeon oversees this form of treatment. Everyone with arthritis, no matter what type, experiences pain. Pain management is an essential part of a patient’s treatment plan. Pain varies from day to day. Those with mild forms of the disease may take an over-the-counter NSAID such as ibuprofen, while others with more serious forms of the disease may take a combination of prescription drugs.

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