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By Ella Rodman Church

Артистическая вышивка; практические инструкции в декоративных ветвях рукоделия (1888)ПРИМЕРЫ :страница 1страница 2страница 3страница 4страница five

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61 take the stitch (the needle beiug threaded with gold-colored silk) lengthwise of the bullion, through the twist this causes it to lie flat on the foundation. Stars of every forai may be made in this way: they are extremely brilliant. The centres of flowers are often formed of bullion; in that case, however, the stitch does not pass through the twist its full length, but is shorter so that the middle of the bullion is depressed, and the extremities elevated; or the stitch may be passed through both ends of the piece of bullion, and being drawn rather tight, a slight prominence, or expansion, will be given to the middle.

39. CHAPrEK DIJSIGJVIJVG AJTB IV. THAJTSFEEBUm BESIGJfS. This is a most important part of the work, and one that is done in various ways. Patterns can always be stamped at the various fancywork stores, or bought all ready for working; but the embroiderer, with original ideas c'vnd r^'ime tui*n for drawing, pi tiers to do this herselfo ^ Worsted patterns may v^ien be used for outlines, as tliey are gen- erally correct in this respect, and the leaves particularly are well drawn. But those who are able to take their models from natifre will have less stiffness in their work; and a little practice in this way will Large single sometimes develop powers hitherto undreamed of.

The central flower is formed witl/ Fig. 46. eleven oval beads, edged with white chenille; another white bead is placed in the centre, and edged with gold. The other flowers are also composed of white satin beads edged with gold.

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Artistic embroidery; containing practical instructions in the ornamental branches of needlework by Ella Rodman Church

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