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Reprint of the illustrated technological know-how fiction tale journal (in paperback form).COVER layout H. W. WESSOPainted in Water-Colors from a Scene in "The Tentacles from Below." WEREWOLVES OF struggle D. W. HALLThe tale of the "Torpedo Plan" and of Capt. Lance's Heroic half in America's final strong conflict with the United Slavs. THE TENTACLES FROM lower than ANTHONY GILMOREDown to super Ocean Depths is going Commander Keith Wells in His Blind Duel with the Marauding "Machine-Fish." (A whole Novelette.) THE BLACK LAMP CAPTAIN S. P. MEEKDr. poultry and His pal Carnes resolve one other felony net of medical secret. PHALANXES OF ATLANS F. V. W. MASONOnly in Dim Legends Did Mankind be mindful Atlantis and the misplaced TribesUntil Victor Nelson's remarkable experience within the Unknown Arctic. (Beginning a Two-Part Novel.) THE PIRATE PLANET CHARLES W. DIFFINFrom Earth and Sub-Venus Converge a large Offensive of Justice at the Unspeakable Man-Things of Torg. (Conclusion.) THE READERS' nook ALL OF united states assembly position for Readers ofAstounding tales.

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For a moment the distance between the green and red lights remained constant—and then Keith Wells stared unbelievingly at the chart, wiped a hand across his eyes and stared again. " he exclaimed in amazement. " Hemmy Bowman added. " A call came through the communication tube from Sparks. " asked Keith, motioning Hemmy to listen in. Sparks read it. "'A week ago Atlantic City reported that seven men were snatched off fishing boat by unidentified tentacled monsters. " His level voice ceased. "Tentacled monsters ...

He rang off. eith slipped off the headphones and told Bowman what he had learned. Hardy, staunchly built craft, those fishing boats were; born in the teeth of gales. What horror could have ripped them—all of them—to drift[175]wood, with the weather perfect? And a half-mad survivor, raving about "machinefish"! "Such things are preposterous," Bowman commented scornfully. "But—the fleet's gone, Hemmy," Keith replied. " He punched swift commands on the control studs. "Empty Tanks, Zoom to Surface, Full Speed," the crimson words glared down below, and the NX-1 at once shoved her snout up, trembling as her great electric motors began their pulsing whine.

Nce clear of the opening, Keith set his motors full forward and brought the diving rudders up. Quickly the ship sped from the haunted sea-floor to the sun-warmed surface. A last thin call rang in his radiophone: "They've got me inside, Keith. It's dark, and filled with water. I can't see anything, but I—I guess we're going through the cavern.... Forget about me, old boy. So long! So—"[183] The voice was abruptly cut off. Keith ripped the instrument from his head. Then, face white and drawn, he ran to the radio cubby.

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