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By James Ramon Felak

ISBN-10: 0822937794

ISBN-13: 9780822937791

Slovak nationalist sentiment has been a relentless presence within the historical past of Czechoslovakia, coming to move within the torrent of nationalism that ended in the dissolution of the Republic on January 1, 1993.  James Felak examines a parallel episode within the Thirties with Slovak nationalists completed autonomy for Slovakia-but “at the cost” of the lack of East principal Europe's simply parliamentary democracy and the strengthening of Nazi strength.     The tensions among Czechs and Slovaks date again to the construction of Czechoslovakia in 1918. Slovaks, who differed sharply in political culture, social and fiscal improvement, and tradition, and resented being ruled by means of a centralized management run from the Czech capital of Prague, shaped the Slovak People's occasion, led by means of Roman Catholic priest Ankrej Hlinka. Drawing seriously on Czech and Slovak information, Felak presents a balanced historical past of the social gathering, supplying remarkable perception into intraparty factionalism and behind-the-scenes maneuvering surrounding SSP's coverage judgements.  

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For this and other reasons, a unified, independent Europe is necessary. A common foreign policy, a common military, and a common will to defend the interests of Europe globally is the only way in which the continent can protect itself and act politically in the world, without being nothing more than a vassal to one of the other great powers. The emergence of a multi-polar world has created hitherto unimagined possibilities for Europe to free herself from her subordination to the United States through purely diplomatic means.

For ten years, Motpol has conducted public outreach efforts and carried on its work, which was directed at those who wished to create something to replace the old, impotent Right, and we have gradually begun to make this a reality. Motpol was initially met with scepticism and hostility, not only from the Left and the liberal Right, but also from some nationalists and some of those of the ‘radical Right’. Over the years, however, we came to win greater respect from both nationalists and even the hostile Leftists, and our operations have evolved from a small think-tank with an associated blog portal into a larger network organising lectures and seminars all over Sweden.

Mere imitation of past political and revolutionary victories is doomed to failure. There has and only ever will be one Caesar and one Napoleon, to put things simply. We must learn from history not only how to attain power and influence, but to understand what power in fact is, where it is actually situated, and how it is shaped. Metapolitics is the prerequisite of politics — the dynamic of power, as it is manifested on the street and computer screen and up to the government and parliament; in the media and the press; in academia, cultural institutions, and civil society; as well as in art and culture.

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