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By Kym Anderson, University of Adelaide

ISBN-10: 0980672341

ISBN-13: 9780980672343

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The University of Sydney attracted him to Australia in 1946, and by 1950 he moved to the new Chair of Economics at Canberra University College (later ANU), where he is still affiliated as an Emeritus Professor and continues to write and edit journals profusely. Arndt has done more than anyone to link Australian and Southeast Asian (especially Indonesian) development economists. Ashenfelter, Orley, 1942- (No. 42, 1993): Economist and wine enthusiast. Ashenfelter specializes in labour economics, law and economics, and econometrics, with some of the latter skill being dedicated to understanding the viticultural determinants of the ultimate quality of premium wines, including Penfold’s Grange.

They declared that it was not possible by any theoretical training, however specialised, to equip a man competently for mercantile pursuits. Experience alone, often very dearly bought, was the only possible means of acquiring a mastery of the varied ramifications of commercial enterprise. But the rapidly advancing strides in the business operations of other countries, where it was an imperative article of faith and practice, was a sufficient answer. Conservative opposition dies hard, and it is only within the last decade 8 Henry G.

Imposing commissions of enquiry followed. In all cases the success of the foreigner was attributed not to any local advantage in production, but to the superior training of the artisans, and to the wider knowledge of international wants and economic conditions acquired by the manufacturers and distributors alike. Thirty years ago a commercial education was a kind of training looked down upon in England as something below the level of a gentleman’s requirements; something that it was hardly fair to call by so dignified a name.

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