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By Majid Fakhry

ISBN-10: 1851682694

ISBN-13: 9781851682690

This publication presents a entire assessment of the lifestyles, instances, and achievements of Averroes, a twelfth-century Muslim thinker whose principles have been so arguable that his books have been burnt now not as soon as, yet two times. a desirable creation that covers the entire key concerns and underlines the significance of Islamic philosophy as a necessary component in modern Western tradition.

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282 f. 18. Al-Kashf; pp. 242 f. 19. Tahifur, p. 581. "20The philosophers believe, he adds, that 'the general principles' of religious laws should not be questioned or scrutinized, by asking such questions as whether God should be worshiped or not, whether H e exists or not and whether happiness in the hereafter is true or not. T h e reason he gives is symptomatic of this major practical or pragmatic concession he is willing to make, with respect to religious beliefs or practices. It consists in the fact that all religious laws, as we have seen, concur in the reality of an otherworldly existence, although they differ with respect to its modality, just as they concur in acknowledging the existence of the Maker (SZni3, His attributes and His actions.

1776) was to show 16 Averroes centuries later, observation or sense-experience is not a sufficient warrant of necessary correlation, but simply of subjective conjunction, born of habit. If so, argues al-Ghazili, it is not excluded that such conjunction could be broken by God Almighty, whenever H e wishes, as actually happens in the phenomenon of miracles, with which all Muslims concur. Thus, fire brought into contact with a flammable object is seen, as a rule, to burn it; but God Almighty can cause it miraculously to cool its object, rather than burn it, as happened in the case of the prophet Abraham, mentioned in Qur'an 21:69.?

8. Ibid, p. 149. 9. Ibid, p. 43. the Qur'an thoroughly, we will not find a single text asserting that God first existed with pure not-being ('adam), then H e existed with the world which did not exist before. Accordingly, the claim of the Mutakallimun that the creation of the world in time is explicitly stated in the Qur'an, or has been consecrated by the consensus (tjm6) of the community, is entirely gratuitous. Contrariwise, they are, like the philosophers, adepts of interpretation, which is an obligation incumbent on the learned, who even if they are in error, are deserving of pardon.

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