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By Leo Sachs (auth.), Professor Dr. Lothar Jaenicke (eds.)

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The subject of this Mosbach Colloquium used to be intended as a query to start with. whilst i began to check differentiation and morphogenesis in Volvox I was hoping for a simple resolution alongside ready groove- in simple terms to determine that still the following issues keep on with Murphy's legislations: they have been even more complex than anticipated! Succour needed to be sought. therefore, the belief arose to place this question ahead of a board of specialists. event may have warned any ex-service guy by no means to utter an idea otherwise you'd be made dependable, and it got here because it needed to come: i used to be made impressario of this gremium; I needed to gather the specialists. those lawsuits include their services. i can't even say that I biased it via my settling on. initially I geared toward surroundings diverse accents by way of inclination and strength of behavior. Then, through trial and mistake, by way of recommendation and declination, the programme formed itself. it will definitely won momentum of which additionally the dimensions of this quantity is indicative. during this quantity are published all of the papers awarded - with remorse­ ted exceptions - yet no longer the occasionally full of life dialogue, which clari­ fied and pruned right here and there. it will simply have made the scale too unwieldy. Differentiation and morphogenesis begin with the expression of genes. the improvement programme reels off the genome and is regulated via the location of the correct genes. Their constitution is within the concentration of gene biochemistry because the decisive instruments became available.

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Robert 1, A. Cohen 1, G. Bugaisky 1, P. Daubas 1, and A. Weydert 1 The differentiation of skeletal muscle cells is characterized morphologically by the fusion of myoblasts to form multinucleated muscle fibres. This process takes place gradually during skeletal muscle development in vivo. It can also be followed in tissue culture. Mammalian myoblasts will grow in monolayers, either in primary culture or as established cell lines, and will fuse spontaneously when the culture becomes confluent (for review see Yaffe 1968, Buckingham 1977).

T .. _" ,e • t ,,-, 'II • • •. • • I. ~ . ",:,.. I" •• '0 I. or .. r'~, ',',. "': ',.... I. " ::" ~. '~""' I-» J. ,. ;. ;~. - _ ,,~ -el*,; • ~ " I,. F •• 1 ... I. ;.... fo ~" • •.. "" . '.. '~ • _ ~ ··. ~ • fi,' ~. 0 1'" : ': ' 1 , . , ': . ,·. ~ ': , C O ~ ';, :_ . ... _. J • jI Q. ~:. ~ ~ ~ ' ~. C' o . -;1 .. 4-++++--I-~ ~ ( • e It 8 1 Ie ~. - .. • • ~ I 1 . . JL ~6fr-¥·+-HHH=-+-+: Ie . tI,f--'lq-I-l-+-+-+-~ r" Gj j-' ~ ~r-~~~~-+---r~~~ . j I" It. D ,,:. ·· ·1.. '- -( , "'- / -. , '. ,,~ " ..

1981) or Drosophila (Fyrberg et al. 1981), there is no consistency in intron position for the actin genes. It is only when Deuterostomia are compared, the examples are sea urchins (Durcia et al. 1980, Overbeek et al. 1982, Scheller et al. 1982), chicken (Ordahl et al. 1981) and rat (Nudel et al. 1981), that the intron positions are conserved, although not necessarily all used in anyone actin sequence. These examples can therefore be viewed in terms of an ancestral actin gene with introns at all the positions noted, with subsequent elimination events after duplication of the original gene.

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