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By Paul Weindling, Marius Turda

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The historical past of eugenics and racial nationalism in critical and Southeast Europe is a missed subject of research in modern scholarship. The 20 essays during this quantity, written through distinct students of eugenics and fascism along a brand new new release of students, excavate the hitherto unknown eugenics routine in principal and Southeast Europe, together with Austria and Germany. Eugenics and racial nationalism are themes that experience regularly been marginalized and rated as incompatible with neighborhood nationwide traditions in primary and Southeast Europe. those themes obtain a brand new therapy right here. at the one hand, the historiographic point of view connects advancements within the historical past of anthropology and eugenics with political ideologies similar to racial nationalism and anti-Semitism; however, it contests the Sonderweg technique followed through students facing those matters. The booklet may possibly function a advisor within the heritage of eugenics and racism in primary and Southeast Europe among 1900 and 1940 and it may be used as a platform for a extra normal theoretical debate approximately theories of nationwide specificity and specialty .

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Despite their academic careers under the Nazi regime, both Günther and Clauss remained outsiders in relation to the established scientific community. 6 Although Günther claimed to work on a sound scientific basis and presented his writings as serious research, he relied almost entirely on secondary literature and the interpretation of rather arbitrarily chosen pictures, including paintings and drawings, alongside photographs. ”7 In contrast to other anthropologists, Günther and Clauss made no qualms about calling their studies “race psychology”––or, in Clauss’s case, Rassenseelenkunde, the term Seelenkunde being a means of avoiding the un-German term Psychologie.

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F. Lehmanns, 1929). 5 A typical and similar example is Friedrich Keiter, Rassenpsychologie. Einführung in eine werdende Wissenschaft (Leipzig: Reclam, 1941), 14. See also Wilhelm E. Mühlmann, Rassen- und Völkerkunde (Braunschweig: Vieweg, 1936); Bruno Petermann, Das Problem der Rassenseele. Vorlesungen zur Grundlegung einer allgemeinen Rassenpsychologie (Leipzig: Barth, 1935); Eduard Ortner, Biologische Typen des Menschen und ihr Verhalten zu Rasse und Wert. Zugleich ein Beitrag zur Clauss’schen Rassenpsychologie (Leipzig: Thieme, 1937); Kurt Rau, Untersuchungen zur Rassenpsychologie nach typologischer Methode (Leipzig: Barth, 1936); and Ottmar Rutz, Grundlagen einer psychologischen Rassenkunde (Tübingen: Heine, 1934).

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