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By Lynne E. Miller

ISBN-10: 0511077955

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ISBN-10: 0521011043

ISBN-13: 9780521011044

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This quantity brings jointly fundamental info from quite a few primate species residing in either normal habitats and experimental settings, and explores the variables which can play a job in primates' behavioral thoughts. Taken jointly, those reports exhibit that predator delicate foraging is correct to many primates, of assorted physique sizes and crew sizes and residing in several environments. consume or be Eaten encourages additional dialogue and research of the topic and may make attention-grabbing interpreting for researchers and scholars in primatology, ecology, and animal habit.

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1976, Ramirez 1989, Smith personal communication to Moynihan 1970). Tayras are very agile in the trees (Leopold 1959), but ocelots, although good climbers, do most of their hunting on the ground (Eisenberg and Redford 1999). Wild tamarins are extremely cautious of descending to the forest floor (Buchanan-Smith 1991; Heymann personal communication for moustached tamarins; Prescott personal observation for redbellied tamarins). Wild saddle-backed tamarins and red-bellied tamarins are more vigilant lower in the forest (Ͻ8 m, 25% of samples) compared to higher in the forest (Ͼ8 m, 14% of samples) (Buchanan-Smith unpublished data) although these data may be confounded by differential visibility (see Ferrari and Rylands 1994; Treves, Chapter 14).

A female with young infants nearby directed a barrage of calling at this genet for 20 minutes, but it stayed firmly in place. k. i. a. buzzell been spotted by a galago. As soon as the carnivore entered the tree, the galago stopped calling and took no further notice, suggesting that only genets on the ground are perceived as a threat, except in the case of the mother with infants. Galagos showed a nervous reaction to swooping owls on four occasions, including the shadow of a flying owl cast on the ground by moonlight, but this did not result in calls or other signs of agitation.

1997), then it is a reasonable assumption that when vigilance is greater, predation risk is greater. Given this assumed threat of attack from the forest floor, one would expect the perceived risk of predation to be greatest near to the ground and consequently a foraging height at a greater distance away from the ground to be preferred over one closer to the ground. This was investigated in Experiment 1. Experiment 1 Foraging boxes containing one of two different quantities of food were presented at one of two different heights to single-species predation sensitive foraging in captive tamarins troops of saddle-backed tamarins and red-bellied tamarins to determine if the species exhibited foraging height preferences.

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