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By John Brennan

ISBN-10: 0203240995

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ISBN-13: 9780416092622

Goals to rescue a usable interpretation of the vocational thought in greater schooling through describing the ancient and coverage frameworks of the controversy.

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There may be less emphasis on work experience as part of the course as this can be reserved for the post-graduation phase of training. Employers will be less involved in and prescriptive about the content of courses when they have opportunity to remedy failings in in-company training. Students will be no less vocational in their motivations, but may less readily perceive the relevance of the course and be impatient for the beginning of genuinely professional work. Occupational socialization will be less powerful.

Examples: accountancy, law. Over-supply When jobs are difficult to obtain, the nature and standing of the competing routes will be particularly important. The degree represents an element of employee training which would otherwise need to be undertaken by the employer. The employer has to balance the relative quality and costs of higher education and incompany training, the wage costs associated with different routes, and the calibre of recruit from different routes. Type F: Partial regulation and educational base for training The conviction with which such courses can claim to provide specific employment outlets for students is unlikely to be high and their vocational intent might be more accurately described under types G or H.

At one end of the scale the employer has entirely sub-contracted the initial training function to higher education. At the other end the employer retains full responsibility for and control over the training process. It should be emphasized that the above is not making any assumptions about the efficacy of training. Whether undertaken in higher education or in employment it may be done well or badly. The distinctions introduced are intended to refer to the location of responsibility for training, to the formal recognition that, in full or in part, training has taken place.

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LIBERAL VOCATIONALISM PB (An Education Paperback) by John Brennan

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