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By Dr. H. H. Lindeman (auth.)

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Gular. it is not so "'''Y to lo('aliz .. such d,,generated cells, However, if tl", (, .. II eI,,"sit)' in all arc'" is ('sl"'l'iali,\' loll', and th" cell pattern particularly irregular, t his may 1)1' all indicat ion of a disal'pl'aran(' .. of sensory cells, Nevertheless, it is importallt to realize that therp an' ar"a:< ,','pn in normal sensory epithelium where the celi dpnsity is espeeiall,V loll', This is particularly true for the medial, marginal part of til(' pars int .. rna on th .. lIIaeula utriculi (Fig, 20), A Hc('(ion through this area may t1H'refore gin' til{' itnprl'ssioll of a marked disappearance of sensor,\" p..

Besides these two types of sensory cell, an intermediate type of sensory cell may also be observed, innervated by parts of a nerve ehalice, and also receiving bud-shaped nerve endings directly. The supporting cells enclose the nerve fibres in the basal regions of the epithelium; higher up they surround the sensory cells. On their free surface they have microvilli. In the apical region of the supporting cells a cytoplasmic condensation, forming the reticular membrane, is seen to be separated from the free surface by a thin layer of cytoplasm.

A <'{'rtain numh .. r of more basally-located, larger strongly osmiophilic granules. In the Illf1<'ulac tl,,'Sf' granules are up to 2 II- in size. They show a charae1cristic acculllulation in the striola (cp. Fig. 22b). The greatest concentration of granules is seell at til(' If'wl of the nuclei of the sensory cells. In the sensory epithelium outside the striola, the number and size of these granules is much smaller. Counts of supporting cells in guinea pigs and human foehlKes show that t/If're arc more supporting cells than sensory cells.

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