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By Kenneth W. Gronbach

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For years, savvy agents have hung on to yes unwavering ideals that experience dictated how they industry to their shoppers. The not easy fact, despite the fact that, is that on the middle of the adjustments we see in advertising and company relies on one indisputable issue - the dimensions of the generations we're promoting to. As each one new release a long time, what they purchase and what sort of they purchase will swap. every one product and repair has a "best client" that sustains a enterprise. As those clients develop up, the neatest sellers will remain sooner than them - and their cash. In "The Age Curve", advertising and marketing guru Ken Gronbach exhibits executives and marketers the best way to expect this wave of predictable call for and experience it to good fortune. either eye-opening and compelling, "The Age Curve" will swap the best way businesses examine their shoppers and the way they court docket them.

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The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm

For years, savvy retailers have hung on to yes unwavering ideals that experience dictated how they marketplace to their shoppers. The demanding fact, notwithstanding, is that on the middle of the alterations we see in advertising and company is predicated on one indisputable issue - the scale of the generations we're promoting to.

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The movie The Fast and the Furious reflects this generation’s automotive tastes, but another excellent way to determine what kinds of new cars will sell is to look at the used cars kids are driving now and how they have modified them. They are telling auto manufacturers what they want. Lee Iacocca watched what young people were doing to customize their rides in the late fifties and early sixties. Back then, kids wanted lightweight, sporty, high-performance cars they could afford. Lee gave them the Ford Mustang and they inhaled it.

In 2008 we will elect our first real Boomer president. Bill Clinton was not a Boomer president because Boomer money did not put him in office. George Bush is definitely not a Boomer president—GI Generation oil money put him in office. Generation X The Silent Generation and many of the Boomers begat the Xers, born between 1965 and 1984. Generation X is unfairly maligned because pundits miss the point; they don’t do their math. There are 11 percent fewer Gen Xers than Boomers. Yet they attended college at the rate of 500 per thousand compared to the Boomers at 250 per thousand.

But the more I thought about it, I realized the genius of the concept. Porsche of America depended on the sale of used Porsches to sell its new Porsches. A healthy used-Porsche market increased the trade-in value of 31 32 AGE CURVE Porsches overall and fostered new-car sales. The people who bought the used Porsches were a ready market for new Porsches down the road. It’s a real win/win. There is a moral here: If you want to grow your market, get entry-level buyers to buy your used cars. That will keep your new cars selling because dealers will be able to offer more for the trade-ins due to the high demand for used cars.

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